Our Story


We are Blend Babes. 

Each of you, our Blend Babes, are beautifully unique and at Blend Bikinis we believe your swimwear should be too. Different bodies are exactly that, different! These differences should be celebrated rather than be put into a generic swim style that is one size fits none. At Blend Bikinis we have it all: cheeky, classic, high waist, high hip, low rise, sporty styles, feminine styles, in short we have all things cute. We are unique because all of our swimwear is mix and match and you can create your own #perfectblend. Each piece is sold separately so you can pair the bottom and top that best fit your figure making you feel your cutest. At Blend Bikinis we love body confidence and want to help you look and feel your best! 

When Blend Began.

Blend Bikinis was conceived, like many great things, on a vacation in Florida. On this trip founders Ann and Robert Kim discovered that bikinis are always sold as a set, never separately. They identified a consumer need: custom mix & match bikinis made in the USA. Noticing this gap in the market, their fashion wheels began to turn. As they were beach daydreaming about their new idea the Kims were informed about the high risk of young kids drowning at places much like the very beach they were sitting on. They found out that drowning is actually the 2nd cause of accidental deaths in children. They decided that they must take action to change this statistic. These two separate instances all of a sudden blended together and Blend Bikinis was born, a bikini company that makes waves. With every purchase a life is impacted. 10% of sales are donated to teach swimming and water safety to children and parents.  

We believe in giving back.

Our bikinis make waves. Every sale impacts a life. We donate 10% of our sales to organizations that teach swimming and water safety to parents and children. To learn more and see how to get involved visit our Make Waves page.

During this pandemic, Blend Bikinis has stepped up to the plate and has been producing face masks right here in the USA. For every two masks sold we are donating a mask to a variety of nursing homes in Florida and New York.