About Us





Blend Bikinis is an American bikini brand and design lab founded by Ann Kim. We are dedicated to quality, sustainability, self expression, and fun. Blend Bikinis has a mix of influences: sport, nostalgia and travel. These influences from living in New York City to Sarasota, Florida to traveling through out the world are the interests of Blend Bikinis founder, Ann Kim.

We are inspired by strong and independent women from the past and current times. Our dedication to historical research and studying the past and blending those ideas with new ideas to create new and innovative bikinis. We believe a woman should be comfortable and confident and should be able to buy her bikini not as a set but as separates. You should have options and the freedom to choose what you like; different sizes, colors, styles and blend your bikini your way.

Being beach lovers, the environment is important to us. We believe in our commitment to making eco-friendly bikinis, which is important to us as a brand. We are always thinking of ways to become more sustainable within our brand from the fabric we choose for our bikinis, selling our bikinis as separates instead of sets, using recycled packaging.

We work with some of the best fabric mills and factories in the world, and we hold ourselves and our partners to the highest standards. All of our bikinis are made in the United States and Europe and are made from a sustainable fabric, Econyl which is a 100% regenerated Nylon that turns waste problems into fashion, made in Italy. Blend Bikinis are made by people who are skilled in making the best bikini fabric and bikinis and whose commitment to quality, to the planet, and to ethical, sustainable production matches our own.

Blend Bikinis is also a community which is central to our brand, our dedication to promoting good health and that mental health is just as important as physical health. Our minds and our bodies are connected, we have experienced for ourselves that spending time at the beach, being active, and being apart of a community is good for our overall health. We also serve as a platform for causes that promote and help women to have good mental health and movements in which we believe.  We donate to charitable organizations, which help promote good mental health such as National Alliance on Mental Health, Strong Minds and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Ann is a fashion designer, started sewing and created clothing when her mother started to teach her at the age of 5. She is a graduate from Purdue University with an undergraduate degree in Apparel Design and Technology and minored in Business, she also attended F.I.T. in New York City, studying fashion design. Ann’s passion has always been fashion, great design and helping people. She has worked in the fashion industry in New York City for over 20 years as a fashion designer before founding Blend Bikinis.