Our Story




When Blend Began.

A city girl with a love for the beach. Ann Kim set out to create her own bikinis after moving from New York City to Sarasota, FL and struggling to find cute bikinis that were sold separately so she could mix sizes and colors, she started Blend Bikinis. A fashion designer by trade, Ann has over 20 years of experience designing in the fashion industry. She combined her love for fashion and swimming to create Blend Bikinis.  Ann is obsessed with creating the best bikinis made in USA from the best quality fabrics. She first searched the world for the highest quality fabrics that were sustainable, did not stretch out, did not fade due to chlorine or suntan lotions, fabrics that are soft and comfy. Secondly, she obsessed over the fit of her Blend Bikinis, making sure the fit is perfect by testing out the product herself and a few of her close bikini loving friends. We keep going back to the drawing board and making changes until the design and fit of the bikini is perfect and ready to be sold. We continue to listen to customer feedback to make the product even better. Thirdly, so the company can ensure great quality, Blend Bikinis are made in USA, so we can be close to the factories. The Blend Bikini team thinks about every aspect of the bikini, we will continue to be obsessed with creating the best bikinis, so our customers will be looking super cute and feel very confident!!!  Blend Bikini Babes are our top priority.    

We believe in giving back

After arriving to Florida, Ann learned that drownings is the 2nd cause of accidental deaths in children . She decided that they must take action to change this statistic. These two separate instances all of a sudden blended together and Blend Bikinis was born, a bikini company that makes waves. With every purchase a life is impacted, a portion of each bikinis sale are donated to teach swimming and water safety to children and parents.