Salty Thoughts.

  • 7 Tips for Your At Home Bikini Wax & Brazilian Wax

    Ready for an at home bikini wax or full Brazilian wax? Here are a few tips to keep your skin happy & healthy.  This summer, us Blend Babes have incorporated several new self-care practices into our beach ready routines. DIY Bikini waxing is a big one on that list. When you are waxing, either ...
  • All Booties Are Made Cheeky

    Why You Should Definitely Try on That Cheeky or Thong Bikini. Scrolling through our insta feed, we started to wonder when did body parts start trending? Maybe we can thank Kim K for this, not sure, but all we know is big butts are in style. At the end of the insta booty binge, we're left looking...
  • Bikini State of Mind

    We’ve all had enough of the Netflix and chill sessions between you and the couch, the candle lit dinners for one, and the solo YouTube workout classes. You know who was the only one there for us during these quarantine blues? Our bikini.