Why You Can Pull Off A Cheeky Bottom

I think it’s safe to admit that we can’t all have a perfectly shaped voluptuous booty like Kim Kardashian. Not everyone is blessed with a sculpted doll-like-figure with impeccable curves and that’s more than okay. It’s just not in everyone’s genetic make-up. However, you absolutely do NOT have to have a voluptuous bottom to look stunning in a cheeky bikini bottom.

In fact, bottoms that show more cheek actually make your butt look larger, rounder, and more lifted. They can make your little booty appear larger, or your larger booty appear even larger.


When we think about the women who post those oh so sexy bikini pics on Instagram, with their magically large, tanned booty, in that tiny cheeky bottom, we conclude that all those women are perfect. Your first inclination is to feel a sense of depression and eat a whole bag of potato chips, and also a sense of wonder as to how so many butts out there are so perfect except for yours (thanks mom). You then ask yourself how they even got it so tan because yours is vampire white and you refuse to lay outside naked! Finally, we reach our final conclusion; you can never ever pull off a bikini like that.

Ladies! Open your eyes and put down your potato chips. Those gals on your Instagram feed might actually have the same size booty that YOU do. But guess what they have that you don’t? A cute cheeky bottom they saw, fell in love with, bought, and put on. Now they have a second thing you don’t have; golden brown tanned cheeks from switching from a regular bottom to a cheeky one.


It’s okay that your 100-day squat challenge that turned into a 200-day squat challenge didn’t do the trick for your booty. Stop beating yourself up for not having Jen Selter’s Instagram feed and Kim Kardashian’s figure. Save yourself the knee replacement surgery, start loving yourself and just try the dang cheeky bikini that you know you love. I promise you won’t regret it.


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