What To Bring To The Beach

What To Bring To The Beach


Who doesn’t love a day on the beach? That’s a rhetorical question because literally who doesn’t?! Sand squishing between your toes, the relaxing sound of waves, the amazing feeling of jumping in the water after you have been tanning a bit too long. Beach days are the best days…but only if you are prepared for your day in the sun! Sunburns, dehydration and getting hungry or bored can quickly make your beach day go south.  

We want to share with you our beach bag essentials to make sure none of these (easy to avoid) beach mishaps happen. Having these essentials will definitely let you make the most of your beach day!

1. Beach Towel

The bigger the better! Having a BIG beach towel lets you:

  1. squirm around
  2. have a little extra fabric to dab off your sweat
  3. Keep your belongings from getting sandy
  4. Space for a new beach friend to sit down with you


2. Sunglasses

Sunglasses make beach activities like volleyball or long beach walks so much better. Protecting your eyes from the bright sun reflecting off the water and sand is so important and it helps you avoid a beach day headache.

But make sure to avoid:

  1. Falling asleep with your sunglasses on, we don’t want raccoon eyes!
  2. Having your favorite sunglasses washed out to sea…they will be someone elses treasure matey.

3. Water Bottle

Bring lots of water and don’t be afraid to find a water fountain and refill! Our pro tip for this is fill up with ice and as the day goes on the ice melts and because refreshing cold water. It is important to drink a ton of water while at the beach because the sun and salt dries out your body and can leave you dehydrated. To avoid a dehydration headache, drink! A great idea in addition to drinking water at the beach is to load up on water the night and morning before your beach day so your body is hydrated and ready to go! ESPECIALLY if you are having a party day at the beach remember to drink water!!

4. Sunscreen

You may want to be a bronzed goddess but no one likes looking like a lobster. Take care of your skin, your future non-wrinkly self will thank you. Re-apply sunscreen after sweating or jumping in the water.


5. Book or Kindle

Tanning on the beach lets you catch up on the reading you have been wanting to do! Bring your book or Kindle and help pass the time while catching rays

6. Healthy Snacks

Bring some healthy snacks that are filling but light. There is nothing worse than getting stuck going to the concession stand and having to resort to eating French fries, the grease and heaviness might end your beach day earlier than expected…plus who wants to eat French fries while in a bikini! Bring some nuts and fruit for the most nutritious and easy snack.

7. Speaker or Headphones

Depending on your day – friend filled or flying solo – make sure you have some tunes! Nothing compliments the beach better than throwing on your favorite jam!

8. Sun Hat

Protect your face! Bring a big sun hat to keep the sun off your face. Pro tip: a sun hat that is airy like this straw one is great to have while tanning. The holes allow some air flow so you can cover your face without dying of heat while you’re tanning your tummy.


You have now Blended up your beach bag! Throw on your favorite bikini and head to the beach!