We donated 1000 Face Masks to Local Schools

We donated 1000 Face Masks to Local Schools

At Blend Bikinis we believe it is important to share the love.

We have donated 1000 face masks to local high schools: Sarasota High and Riverview High. This donation exceeded our pledge to donate 1 face mask for every 2 sold. We believe it is important to keep our community safe. As many of you, our Blend Babes, have just headed back into school we want to make sure this school year is happy and HEALTHY. We chose to donate to schools to keep you healthy and to say thank you to our teachers who are in the front line, working hard to bring normalcy back into our kids’ lives. Thank you.

This pandemic has created a new normal which we are still adjusting to. As kids are going back to school, teachers and the administration are the real heroes here. Our school heroes have been working to make the best of our new mixed learning environments, to make the students feel safe and comfortable, and to help ease the stress of going back to school for both parents and students. Thank you school heroes, you are amazing. At Blend Bikinis we recognized how impactful school faculty is during this unsettling time. To help school faculty and students transition into this socially distanced learning environment, we decided to donate to two of our local high schools.

A little bit about the schools we donated to:

Riverview High School has a mission that says it all. They provide a learning environment that nurtures a passion for intellectual curiosity; that promotes global understanding, independence, and innovation. With state-of-the-art facilities they are able to truly make an impact on their students. They have a Kiltie band who has performed in the Macy’s day Thanksgiving Parade three times, sports teams who blow other schools away, STEM and IB programs, and creative arts. 

Sarasota High School has an amazing program that highlights athletics, volunteer work, activities and clubs, art, and leadership. They strive to make students well rounded individuals who are ready to learn, grow with, and contribute to society.

We wish these schools along with every one a safe, happy and most importantly healthy school year. Let the learning begin!