Tips To Study At The beach

Tips To Study At The beach

There’s nothing worse than having a big test on Monday and knowing your weekend will be locked away in a library or your room. Even though it feels like you’re being studious and “doing the right straight-A-student thing” this may not actually be the best for you. Weekends are there for us to refresh and reset. It is very important to give yourself some self-love, get some sunshine to load up on Vitamin D and have a change of scenery. Just because you have to study does not mean you have to be holed up inside. We want to encourage you to hit the books at the beach! Here are our four top tips for studying at the beach.


1. Set break time.

The point of studying at the beach is to multitask – give yourself some self care while you are being productive. Set a timer, maybe 45 minutes and study study study! After those 45 minutes give yourself a break. Go jump in the water, go for a little walk, or search for some shells! Whatever you do just allow yourself to have fun and take a mental break from studying. Don’t time your break. Enjoy yourself until you feel like you’re ready to get back to work.

2. Bring both a beach towel and beach chair.

Bringing both of these allows you to change it up during your study time. If you are feeling stiff and ready to be done, sometimes a simple change in position helps!

3. Bring a scarf or something to hang over your head.

This is essential if you are studying on your phone, computer or tablet. It’s hard to see a screen in the direct sunlight so having something you can drape over both your head and electronic device is a game changer.


4. Flashcards are your best friend!

For us, going to the beach is about disconnecting. A great way to hit the books without your electronic device is the good ol’ old fashioned way, flashcards. Make your flashcards beforehand so you can easily grab and go and head to the beach for a study session. This is our favorite way to study at the beach because you simply need your stack of cards and that’s it. The stack makes it easy to break up your study time without using a timer. Set yourself a predetermined amount of flashcards you want to go through, this may be the whole stack or half.


When studying at the beach it is most important to allow some time to enjoy yourself. Try to get your body moving during your break times and have some fun in the sun! Get studying and good luck on your test!