Tips For Posing In Your Bikini Photos

Tips For Posing In Your Bikini Photos

Posing in your bikini can be intimidating. You may look amazing in person but sometimes it is hard to capture your best bikini angle without a little preparation. You have to think about your what angle best suit you and how to cure that behind-the-camera-slouching disorder.

We want to give you a few tips for posing for bikini photos: 

In bikini photos you want to be luxuriously long, not short and squat. Keep in mind the double L when posing. Try to elongate yourself in whatever fashion you can. There are three key tips to keep in mind that help elongate your body.

Tip 1: Have good, straight posture.

This works magic in a few ways. For one having good posture lengthens your body, giving the appearance of a longer and leaner figure. The other perk of straight posture is that your stomach flattens out. Try it out: sit up straight with good posture and touch your belly. No rolls, right? Now slouch down. Instantly you feel the jelly donuts appear!

 Tip 2: Long Limbs.

Your legs or arms can be the secret ingredient to a bomb bikini photo. Always try to accentuate your limbs. Angling your legs toward the camera whether sitting or standing and stretching out your arms or letting them hang long is a must. Your limbs will elongate your body and draw attention to your extremities making you appear longer and leaner.











Tip 3: Laying down is always your friend when you are in a bikini.

Gravity is a mysterious thing that flattens your abs when you lay back. Whether it’s an aerial shot or a side view, laying down will lean you out.

Tip 4: When posing in your bikini it is a must to remember to have fun with it!

When you feel uncomfortable you will look uncomfortable, it’s that simple. If you are not a smile and wave type of model instead try getting into action! The classic walking shot always looks great. Maybe do a slow-motion twirl! Have a beautiful moment captured rather than having the pressure to create a beautiful moment. With this in mind, it is always great to add in some props. A flower, palm frond, or sarong can go a long way. Adding props into your photo does two things: it busies your hands that might otherwise feel awkward and it adds an interesting element into your photo.

One last quick tip: great lighting and a beautiful background never hurt. Get out your bikini, go to a beautiful spot and get posing! We would love to see all of your beautifully hacked bikini photos! Tag us in your shot on Instagram @blendbikinis