The 2 Ingredient Secret You Need to Add Into Your Bikini Routine

The 2 Ingredient Secret You Need to Add Into Your Bikini Routine

Exfoliation seems to keep popping up whenever we talk about our bikini self-care routine. We’ll let you in on a little exfoliation secret, sugar scrub is your bestie. Sugar Scrub is amazing to use in the shower. It exfoliates AND moisturizing your skin. It is perfect for that pre-bikini wax or bikini shave prep. This sugar scrub recipe is also all natural and easy to make. It is literally 2 ingredients, organic cane sugar and coconut oil.

Why Exfoliate?

Our bodies naturally grow hair and our bikini line has a lot of it. Feeling cute in our favorite bikini rarely involves long dark hairs popping out everywhere. So, we remove the hair. Hair removal is not a natural occurrence for our bodies. Shaving and waxing cause irritation. This can cause razor bumps, ingrown hairs, etc. Exfoliation is one of the key steps in preventing this from happening. By exfoliating the skin, we are removing dead skin cells to ease the removal process resulting in a more beautiful and less painful wax or shave.

Sugar scrub is great for exfoliating your whole body. We recommend that you do not use any fragrances, i.e. essential oils, when exfoliating before your bikini shave or wax. This is because fragrances can cause irritation. You should keep a separate, plain sugar scrub for your bikini self-care routine. Remember to be very gentle when exfoliating prior to your shave or wax.


Sugar Scrub Recipe


  • 1 cup of coconut oil
  • ½ cup of organic cane sugar
  • Optional: you can throw in a few drops of essential oil to your scent preference and strength. Some of our favorites are lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil, or orange essential oil.



  1. In a glass bowl, combine the coconut oil at room temperature which will be in liquid form with the organic can sugar.
  2. Add in your optional essential oils. Remember if this is your bikini self-care sugar scrub do not add any oils in.
  3. Put into an air tight container, we recommend using a mason jar. Enjoy!