Salty Thoughts.

Who doesn’t love a day on the beach? That’s a rhetorical question because literally who doesn’t?! Sand squishing between your toes, the relaxing sound of waves, the amazing feeling of jumping in the water after you have been tanning a bit too long. Beach days are the best days…but only if you are prepared for your day in the sun! Sunburns, dehydration and getting hungry or bored can quickly make your beach day go south.  

We want to share with you our beach bag essentials to make sure none of these (easy to avoid) beach mishaps happen. Having these essentials will definitely let you make the most of your beach day!

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Did you even go on vacation if you didn’t Instagram? Here are the 3 must-do photo opps on Siesta Key!

Most of us fashionistas and bikini lovers break out our cutest beach wardrobe when on vacation. So of course, photos are a must! We feel you girl. To save you some time searching for the most perfect photo location, here are the 3 best beachy photo spots for your vacation on Siesta Key.

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