How To Wash Your Bikini

How To Wash Your Bikini

Have you noticed that washing your bikinis in the machine makes the color fade and fabric stretch? You have noticed right! When it comes to washing bikinis there is a right way and a wrong way! 

At Blend Bikinis we pride ourselves on quality and we want your bikini to have a long, beautiful life! Our bikinis are made with the highest quality Italian fabric. Here is a guide on how to properly wash your Blend Bikini. These directions are straight from our mill in Italy!


Before we tell you what to do, we must first tell you what not to do!! Never wash your bikini with hard detergents or in the washing machine. The harsh soaps will make the fabric color fade quickly. The rough washing machine will stretch out the fabric, making your bikini lose its original form fitting shape.

How to Wash Your Blend Bikini:

1. Rinse your bikini with cold water.

Make sure you get rinse for a minute or two, letting the fresh water really soak into the fabric. This will get some of the salt and sand off prior to the cleansing soak.

2. Make sure you have a clean container, this can be your bathroom sink, bowl or tub. Fill with 3-parts water and 1-part white vinegar.

*If you do not have vinegar on hand just let soak in cold water. Keep in mind that the vinegar kills bacteria and dissolves mineral deposits such as sand. Substituting the water-vinegar mixture with just water will not kill bacteria, you should buy vinegar for future washing.

3. Soak your bikini in the water-vinegar mixture for 30 minutes.

4. Drain the water-vinegar mixture from the sink or tub. If you have your bikini in a bowl, you can just pour out the mixture.

5. Rinse your bikini in cold water.

Once rinsed thoroughly, squeeze out the water with your hands. Make sure you are gentle with your bikini. You should not ring the bikini very tightly to pull out the water, the tight twisting motion will stretch out the bikini. Just squeeze with your hands. Perform this thorough rinse and gentle squeeze 3 times through or until you no longer smell vinegar.

6. After your final rinse, squeeze out the excess water and then hang dry.

Hang your suit to dry in the shade to avoid sun damage.