How To Style Your Bikini For Different Activities

How To Style Your Bikini For Different Activities

Whether you are packing for vacation, picking up a new sport, or just need some fresh ideas – we want to give you our tips for the best way to style your bikinis for different activities.

There are infinite ways to wear a bikini but we are going to narrow it down to 3 main activity categories: Lounge, Sporty, and Tanning. So, for you hardcore bikini girls who run, shop, wine and dine in your favorite swimsuit were leaving those styles up to your own discretion!


1. Lounge

 Lounging around is all about comfort and beauty. Some think that lounge swimwear has to be an elaborate, impractical bikini that you cannot possibly do anything in without revealing just a bit too much. But how can you lounge without being comfortable? The definition of lounge is to lie, sit or stand in a relaxed or lazy way. This definition is screaming COMFORT. So, lounge bikinis are those bikinis where you feel the best. Our favorite style is a cheeky bottom and bralette top. The cheeky bottom is comfortable and stays in place for all your napping, jumping in the pool, and snacking on yummy fruits pleasures. The cheeky style looks cute and is not quite as revealing as a thong. We tend to lounge on family vacations and no daughter wants their dad to see them in a thong, vice versa. The bra top is supportive and so cute. It perfectly blends beauty with comfort. When we think lounging, we think decadence and what is more luxurious than a beautiful white bikini. That is why we paired the white Kylie Cheeky Bottom with the white Selena Bralette Top.



When we move, we want our bikini to stay in place. Nothing would be worse than a loose bikini bottom catching a wave with you. When it comes to styling our sporty bikinis, we think tight fit and coverage. When playing sports such as beach volleyball, surfing, swimming, or beach soccer you want a top and bottom that will stay in place whether you dive, slide, or fall. Our favorite sporty style is our Hailey Tank Bikini Top with either the Kylie Cheeky Bottom or Miley Thong Bottom. The Hailey Tank Bikini top fits like a glove. It is tight to the chest with a sports bra style silhouette. This top holds everything in. This top comes in three cute colors, black, pink and yellow.  So whether you feeling gritty and serious, girly, or “sunshiney” you have your pick. We then recommend either the thong or cheeky bottom based on your personal preference. Both of these styles stay in place pretty well, we recommend if you are in between sizes to size down for optimal security. The cheeky bottom is great for on land sports such as beach volleyball or soccer. The thong is great for in water sports such as surfing because it has less fabric to potentially be pulled at by a wave. This blend of styles will let you have fun in the sun!



For us real deal bikini girls, we know that tanning is all about having no tan lines when we wear our other bikinis. Our tanning swimsuit should always be our smallest style! For minimal coverage we choose our Gisele String Bikini Top and either the Gisele String Bottom or Miley Thong Bottom. With minimal fabric, the classic triangle style top allows for the smallest tan lines. As for bottoms we recommend the string bottom because you can manipulate the tan line well. You can fit the bottom to be low or high on your hips depending on where you tie the sides. We also recommend the thong because of course, it’s a thong! This has the most minimal coverage on your booty allowing your cheeks to get some sun. Just remember when tanning to wear sunscreen because bronzed and beautiful has a nice ring to it…not red and beautiful.