Goals & Routines. Beaches & Bikinis.

Goals & Routines. Beaches & Bikinis.

Kickstart Your Goals this Summer by Creating a Routine.

 We like to think of summer as the time to get a kickstart on those feel good goals you have been wanting to do all year but just haven’t had time to get around to. Your typical day: wake up, go to school, go to your after-school sports practice or art class, then get home and study. There is not much that can be worked into that already intimidating schedule. So here’s the idea, over summer you actually have time to create a personal routine and make it a habit! You should have a goal in mind for this new routine. That goal might be to better your eating, exercise more, or to just relax. Summer is the time to condition your body to make a habit of the rituals that will help you achieve your goals year-round. Having a routine will better your health both mental and physical, alleviate anxiety and stress, and make you feel all together better. Sounds pretty great, but how do we get there? First you must create your summer routine, then you must learn it, and finally you must make it habit. If you make your routine a habit over summer it will be engrained into you when you start your school year! 

PRO TIP: To make this routine more fun add in being in a bikini at the beach. The bikini and beach combined are a power duo they are great for all mental, physical and creative goals! 


Here is your summer routine “homework.” 


What would you like to accomplish?

Better eating habits?


Regular Workout Routine?


Then narrow it down. Find your why.

If you said better eating habits: Why do you want to cut these out? To feel better? To have more energy? To lose weight? What exactly do you want to cut out? Less processed foods? Less meat? Less gluten?

 If you said mindfulness: Why do you want to be mindful? What is your definition of mindfulness? What aspect of mindfulness is important to you? Meditation? Journaling? Appreciating? Relaxing? Relieving stress and anxiety? 

If you said regular workout routine: Why do you want to work out? For mental health and feeling good? To feel stronger? To lose 5 pounds? To fit into your favorite bikini again?


How will you accomplish this?

Now that you have your why, it is time to create your routine. This routine can be spread out throughout the day or concentrated into one chunk. Keep in mind you want this routine to be habit so you can continue during the school year. Maybe making this a morning routine would be best for you or maybe an afternoon routine? Evaluate your life and your schedule and see where it will best fit.


Learn Your Routine and Make It Habit

Once you have the specifics of your routine, the next step is simple. Just do it. At first it will be a chore but over time it will become habit and worth it!