DIY Beaded Bikini Belly Chain

DIY Beaded Bikini Belly Chain

We thought it would be fun to give you, our Blend Babes, a cute new quarantine activity! Today we are making DIY beaded belly chains. These are so cute for accessorizing your bikini beach look. A belly chain can take your bikini to the next level. Pro tip: If you make your chain similar colors to your bikini it may even look like a part of the swimsuit! Cuteness aside, beading is a great therapeutic activity to do especially during quarantine. So put on your favorite tunes, throw on your comfy sweats, and let’s get crafty!


1. Pick out your beads and your string.

Michaels has a great selection but if you are really trying to avoid public spaces Amazon has some great crafting supplies too! You can choose any type of look - gold, silver, shell, rainbow, etc. We chose to go with a glassy, oceany vibe, we thought it was only accurate being a bikini brand and all. Be careful with buying silver or gold beads because they may quickly tarnish in the salt water if you plan on making your belly chain a staple in your bikini wardrobe. Glass or ceramic beads are our favorite and usually the most durable. As for string, pick a stretchy string! You will need to be able to pull the belly chain on and off. If you are really crafty you can also purchase clasps, but we are just do simple here!


2. Before you start beading you need to make sure you measure your waist properly!

This is going to be your MOST IMPORTANT step when creating your belly chain. If you measure inaccurately your chain might be too tight-digging into your skin, or too loose-falling down your waist. Be very mindful in picking the spot in which you want the belly chain to fall. A good idea is to throw on your bikini bottom while you measure so you can place the chain properly.


 3. Once you have your string measured it is time to start beading!

Turn up the tunes and let your mind go into a meditative state!


4. Once you have your string beaded it is time to tie it off.

A simple shoe style knot will not hold here. You must put the two ends of the string together, wrap around your fingers then, then pull through making more of a circular knot that is less likely to slip. You can make as many of these knots as you want to secure the beads on – we made 3 knots.

5. Throw your bikini on, try on your new beaded belly chain and head to the beach!