Blend Up Your Workout Routine With A Beach Box Burner!

Blend Up Your Workout Routine With A Beach Box Burner!

Sick of Your At Home Workouts? Let's Blend it Up!

Lately we have been needing to figure out new ways to workout outside of the gym. Running around your block or pulling out your mat at home gets old. Here is a new way to spice up your workout routine, get some sun, and look great in your bikini at the beach!


The Burner:

The beach box circuit workout combines cardio with strength training, and trust us you will be discovering muscles you never even knew you had. This is a full body circuit workout, similar to High Intensity Interval Training, but with a twist.

*If you are not comfortable with swimming still continue reading! You can substitute out the run and swim for other cardio exercise, see below! 


Step 1.

First you start at point A on the sand with an exercise. This can be whatever you are feeling that day, just make sure it uses your body weight. Our favorite is to start with squats. These can either be jump squats, regular squats, or sumo squats. Do 10 squats.


Step 2. 

Once you have finished your squats you will run out into the water. Run about waist deep or wherever you are comfortable. This really activates the quads, the water acting as resistance. You will reach point B.


Step 3.

Once you get waist deep, or to your predetermined spot, you are now at point B. You will swim from point B to point C. Point C should be at least 10 free style arm strokes away. You can find a point on land and choose to swim to that landmark or count your strokes. You will swim to point C as fast as you can.


Step 4.

Once you reach point C, you will run back onto the beach. Again the water resistance will burn as you push through the water. Make sure you are running in a sandy area without rocks or wildlife. You will run out to Point D, which is in line with where you started at point A.


Step 5.

Once you reach point D you will perform another body weight exercise. This exercise can be of your choosing. Our favorite is to do 10 pushups, either on your knees or normal.

Step 6.

Once you have finished your pushups you will choose a land cardio exercise to get back to point A, where you started. You can do high knees, grapevines, lunges, sprint, or crab walks.


Step 7.

Now you are back at point A and you have completed your first circuit. Drink water and rest for a minute before starting your next circuit. You can perform as many of these circuits as you want! We recommend starting with 2. You can add reps to your circuits and change up the exercises.


If you are not comfortable swimming:

 If you are not a strong swimmer you can have 4 points on the sand and switch up the cardio in between each point of your box.


For example:

Point A: squat

Run to point B.

Point B: pushup

Crab walk to point C.

Point C: situps

Lunge to point D.

Point D: plank

High Knees to point A.


The box workout is a great way to keep your exercise routine fresh! You can change your reps and exercises.