Blend Beach Burner Workout: Cardio & Leg

Blend Beach Burner Workout: Cardio & Leg

Tired of your at home workouts? Let's Blend it up with at beach workout sesh!

When it comes to beach workouts there is a big factor that we like to work around, sand! Keeping it “off mat” works more cardio and leg strength into your beach workout routine. It is easy to grab at mat at home and do a quick ab sesh. We want to blend up the bulk of your workout routine. Here is our favorite cardio/leg beach workout. This HIIT style workout gets your blood pumping and body sweating!


This workout will take 45 minutes and is structured as following


HIIT Explained

Once you are warm you are ready to dive into the bulk of your workout. These HIITS will all be on your feet so you don’t have to get your body totally sandy. Each HIIT will consist of 3 exercises that you will repeat 2 times through without rest. This will be one full HIIT. The exercises in these are short so it will be just enough to burn but not pushing too hard. If you want more or less of a challenge you can adjust the amount of reps or circuits.


Once you have finished the first HIIT (3 exercises, 2 times) you will take a minute to walk and catch your breath, your productive rest.


Then you are ready for your second HIIT. This will be 3 new exercises, 2 times through.


Once you have finished the second HIIT (3 exercises, 2 times) you will take a minute to walk and catch your breath, your productive rest.


You will repeat this circuit four times through! This HIIT section of the workout should take about 30 minutes.

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Now that you know what’s going on, LET’S GET SWEATY!


Warmup: 10 minutes

Start with a jog. This could be anywhere from a slog (slow jog) up to a brisk pace. When picking your pace, keep in mind this is just a warmup! The goal is to get your body feeling warm, you should be just breaking a sweat by the end of this warmup.


Let's Get Into Your Circuits!


First HIIT

Exercise 1: high knees x 15

Run in place with your knees in an exaggerated motion reaching for your chest, keep control.


Exercise 2: standing crab walks x 20

Get in a squat position and side step to the right 10 times and then side step back to the left 10 times.


Exercise 3: Standing Kickbacks x 20

Stand Straight and put your hands on your hips. Now transfer your weight to one foot and then push your opposite leg back and hold for a brief pause to squeeze the glute. This should be targeting your glutes. You will do 10 on each leg, switching leg side after 10.


Productive Rest

Walk 1 minute


Second HIIT


Exercise 1: Sumo Squat/ Sumo Squat Pulse x 10

You will get into a wide squat position with your toes slightly turned outward. This squat should target your inner thighs. On every odd numbered squat perform a normal sumo squat, then on every even squat hold and pulse 3 times.


Exercise 2: High Skips x 20

This will be similar to the high knees except now you will be moving forward. Skip in an exaggerated motion.


Exercise 3: lunge in place x 20

Stand with your feet together and then lunge forward with one foot. Make sure your knee does not cross over your foot. Step back from your lunge position with your feet together. Then do the next leg.


Productive Rest

Walk 1 minute


Repeat Circuit x 4


Cool Down: 5 min

For your cool down you want to stretch out your body and get your heart rate down in a proactive way. We recommend you go for a little walk or do some stretching. We just hit the legs hard so stretching out your hamstrings is a great finisher! Then the best part about working out at the beach: jump in the ocean!!! you will literally cool down!