Bikini State of Mind

Bikini State of Mind

Let's Talk About How Your Bikini Can Boost Your Mental Health.

We’ve all had enough of the Netflix and chill sessions between you and the couch, the candle lit dinners for one, and the solo YouTube workout classes. You know who was the only one there for us during these quarantine blues? Our bikini. The bikini took the Tik Tok world by storm making us feel beautiful and admired. The bikini brought fun to our housebound days. Our bikini kept us healthy and happy. Thank you, bikini.

It is time to finally let the bikini out in public! In and out of the house, health is the hottest topic right now. With Siesta Key Beach open again, we want to talk the benefits of the beach to your mind, body and spirit. Bikini on, let’s dive in!

Feel Good, Look Good

Want to keep your immune system up and your bones strong? Head to the beach! Here’s a quick science lesson: we take in Vitamin D from the sun and our body thinks vitamin D is D-licious. Basically, get your booty out in the sunshine every day. Even ten minutes does the trick. When you feel good and healthy, you look good and healthy. So, when your wake up each morning lose the panty routine, slather on some sunscreen, and throw on a bikini.



Beach State of Mind

Your new beach mantra is happy place, happy face! We have all been cooped up, tied to our computers and besties with our zoom chat. Talking to a screen is exhausting! If you have been feeling a little down or just burnt out, don’t worry it’s not just you. It is time to leave your funk behind and put on your favorite pink bikini. Going to the beach helps you destress, relax, and brings you into a better mind space. Head to Siesta for a full reboot, and no we’re not talking about your computer.



So ladies, let your bikini keep being your other half, your better half. Your bikini is your friend, your health coach and your dancing buddy. Let’s hit the beach and flaunt your beautiful self…for health of course!