All Booties Are Made Cheeky

Why You Should Definitely Try on That Cheeky or Thong Bikini.

Scrolling through our insta feed, we started to wonder when did body parts start trending? Maybe we can thank Kim K for this, not sure, but all we know is big butts are in style. At the end of the insta booty binge, we're left looking in the mirror thinking about all of the assets we do not have. What we don't see is that if butts are in style, then we're all ahead of the trends. Uncool! All of you, our Blend Babes, are uniquely beautiful and we want you to focus on your own body confidence. Focus on the beauty of others but do not compare yourself to them. 

We are here to remind you that all booties are made cheeky.

So next time you're getting ready and starting to rethink that cheeky bikini, we'll let you in on a little secret: the cheekier the better. Cheeky suits actually create a larger, rounder, and perkier look. The secret isn't squats all day, it's simply having a booty and putting it in a cheeky bottom. Next thing you know, someone will be booty bingeing and your butt will be in the lineup.