A Beach Volleyball Guide To Siesta Key

A Beach Volleyball Guide To Siesta Key

Bump, set, SPIKE – no we are not talking about your drink.

Siesta Key Beach may be known for its party fun but for those of you looking to get active we’ve got the activity for you. Beach volleyball! Here is a quick guide of where and how to play beach volleyball on Siesta Key, preparing you with tips for what to wear and what to bring.


Where to play

At the main public beach on Siesta Key there are tournament ready beach volleyball courts. These courts are well maintained with regulation height nets. You can find the courts through the southern entrance of the beach where the two-story concession area is. Just walk out and play! Unless there is a big tournament going on, these courts are always available for public use. There are a couple of leagues in Sarasota County that play for fun, so if you see large group playing don’t be intimidated! They are always open to new players hopping in the game.


How to Get In a Game

When it comes to hopping into a beach volleyball game make sure you first evaluate the players’ skill levels. If you are a beginner and there is a very seasoned group of people playing you might want to sit back and watch. At the other end, if you are a very experienced player and you see a group who is just learning it might not be the competition you are looking for – but you can always play down a level just try to avoid playing too far up. After you evaluate the skill level it is simple – act confident and ask to play! The beach puts everyone in a friendly and happy mood. Don’t be afraid to ask, just be friendly yourself and you will get a positive response!


What to wear

The best thing about beach volleyball is…bikinis!! We love a sport where you can throw on your bikini, some sunscreen and get cookin. For us multitaskers we can tan, get some exercise, and have fun…the trifecta! As for bikinis we recommend you go with a tight fit sporty style that will stay in place whether you dive, jump or fall. Our favorite beach volleyball combo is the Hailey Tank Bikini Top blended with our Kylie Cheeky Bikini Bottom. The Hailey Tank is a tight to the chest fit with a sports bra style silhouette. This top holds everything in. The cheeky bottom is great because it stays in place and does not have too much fabric to get in the way. If you are between sizes we definitely recommend you size down for optimal security. Beach volleyball is totally bikini friendly but if you are shy, throw on a pair of athletic shorts over your bikini bottom.  


What to bring

Some of us may view beach volleyball as just another fun beach game, but don’t be fooled it is a SERIOUS workout. Make sure you bring a bottle of water or two and a sweat towel. The towel is a pro tip because when you get really sweaty the sand can stick to you and get in the way. We also recommend you pack both a hat and sunglasses. When the sun is in your face these can make or break your game. Last but not least is sunscreen. Make sure to apply at least 15 minutes beforehand and don’t forget to reapply.


Now that you know what to expect and how to jump in a game, throw on your bikini and head to the beach! Tag us in your photos and let us know if these tips helped!