8 Tips For Avoiding Razor Bumps When Shaving Your Bikini Line

8 Tips For Avoiding Razor Bumps When Shaving Your Bikini Line

None of us want red bumps to be the accessory to our bikini. Here are a few tips and tricks to avoid razor burn on your bikini line.

1. Shower Power Hour:

Similar to waxing, you want to shave after being in the shower for at least 10 minutes. This softens the outer layer of your skin making hair removal easier.

2. Exfoliation is Key:

Once you have been soaking, you should gently exfoliate the area to remove dead skin. You can just do this with a wash cloth or a sugar scrub. This will also help remove any current ingrown hairs. Now that the skin is primed and loosened you are ready to begin the shaving process.

3. Lather Up:

In most of our eyes shaving cream is a “man product.” This is so wrong! Shaving cream is for the ladies! Bikini shaves and bars of soap do not mix. The trick to a bump free bikini line is lathering up your bikini area with shaving cream or gel. Make sure to avoid fragrances or alcohol-based products-these both will cause irritation. Once you have a thick coat on you can begin shaving. This will help your razor glide over the skin smoothly causing the least amount of irritation.  

4. Go With the Grain:

When shaving your bikini area, you want to shave with the grain of your hair. Going against the grain in the moment might seem for effective but it will cause irritation resulting in bumps. Be patient and go with the grain.

After Shaving Care:


5. Cold Water Cleanse:

When you are done shaving, rinse off the area with COLD water in the shower, the longer the better.

6. Tea Tree Trick:

After getting out of the shower most people go straight to moisturizing but we have a little tip to throw in first. Treat the shaved area with tea tree oil, this is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. The tea tree will help reduce irritation and unwanted bacteria.

7. Moisturize:

Now it is time to moisturize! When choosing your moisturizer, like the shaving cream, avoid fragrances and alcohol-based products. These will cause irritation and dry out the skin. We recommend moisturizing with coconut oil because it is naturally antimicrobial.

8. Time to get cozy:

Avoid tight clothing right after your shower, save the panties for a little bit later.