3 Ways to Style Your Classic Triangle Bikini

3 Ways to Style Your Classic Triangle Bikini

The classic triangle bikini is a staple in our lives, classics become classics for a reason. But as everything that has been around for a while knows, you need to adapt to keep up with the times. In the age of ingenuity when a tortilla can become an acrylic nail or your backyard dog can become an overnight star, a classic triangle bikini can become anything you want. So let’s get creative with our triangle bikinis!  

Here are our three favorite ways to mix up your classic triangle bikini.  


 1. The straight shoulder tie.

 The first look changes up the neckline of the classic triangle bikini. First, untie the halter neck of the bikini but keep the back tied. Take each of the strings and tie them to their respective side on the lower ties which go around the back. This will create a straight over the shoulder look with cute tie details on the back. 

photo from Pure Bliss Bikinis

2. The upside-down triangle.

Now let’s get a little crazy, if you put your classic triangle top on upside down, it gives your bikini top a whole new vibe! The cinch on your bikini top that usually lies on the bottom is now on the inside of your suit. This allows for a unique scoop neck look and is amazing for tanning. You can cinch the suit loosely for extra coverage or you can tightly cinch it for minimal coverage. Pro Tip: The tight cinch is great for tiny tan lines!

photo from Kai Kinis

3. The upside-down triangle with a twist.

This last style is a mixture of the first two. If you love that adjustable triangle, scoop neck vibe this one is for you. You put on your suit as you would style look number two, the upside-down triangle. Then before tying the halter neck, you can tie a knot or simply cross the strings over each other. Then tie around your neck. This will create a sexy, intricate style that no one would even guess it’s a simple triangle bikini top!

photos from Kai Kinis


These are a few of our go to favorites when styling our classic triangle bikini. Play around with your top, there are endless ways to change up the style. We would love to see what you come up with! Make sure to tag us on Instagram or Tik Tok with your favorite style!