3 Ways to Mix and Match Your Bikini

3 Ways to Mix and Match Your Bikini

3 Tricks to Think About When Mixing and Matching your Bikini

All of us Blend Bikini Babes are unique…different bodies are exactly that, different! So why are we usually sold bikini sets when most of us have a different size top from bottom? It’s almost like were being coached that we have to fit into that one specific category, but that’s not the case! Mixing and Matching bikinis is a cute way to change up your bikini game and find the suit that makes you look and feel your cutest.

There are 3 main ways to mix & match your suits: sizes, colors, and styles. So lets talk about each!



1. Mix & Match Sizes

Mixing up the sizes of a swimsuit is a must for many of us. You may want to mix sizes based on your body shape or what activities you are doing in your bikini. You may have a pear shaped figure with a small top and large bottom. You may be curvy but carry a little extra on your bottom. Whatever your body type, try on suits and find the best size that showcases your specific body! For in water sports like surfing or swimming you probably want to size down your bottom. The tighter the better! We don’t want our bottom catching waves too! For out of water sports like beach volleyball you will probably want to size down your top instead of your bottom. For tanning you may want to size down your top and up your bottom. Sizing down the top gives you fewer tan lines and sizing up the bottom gives you the flexibility to shape your tan lines how you please.


Model is wearing a S Top and XS Bottom

2. Mix & Match Colors

Mixing and matching colors makes your two favorite bikinis turn into four! White and black are always a great bikini basic color to mix and match into your bikini wardrobe. But also be bold with your color choices! Another tip when mixing and matching colors is pairing solids with patterns. Mixing a solid color with a pattern brings some fun to your simple suits while toning down your loud suits.


3. Mix & Match Styles

You never know what your beach day has in store for you. Mixing styles gives you the versatility to tan or swim. A sporty top looks great with a sweet or sexy bottom. Choose what your feeling and go for it! Maybe you love one color so much you want to get it in both a classic cut and a thong. You do you! Pro tip, we love mixing the thong up with any of the tops whether string or sporty. Everyone always loves a nice and tan booty!